Safety railings in Center Cerny most

In the shopping center Cerny most we realized bent safety glass railing. Glasses were anchored only at the bottom with stainless points for steel constructions. Details of construction are covered by partial printing on glass. Railing is equipped with stainless steel handrail. In many places, we used a complicated shape bent laminated glass.

Spot bonded glass railing

Every railing we realize must meet standards:

  • CSN 743305
  • CSN EN 1991-1-1
  • CSN EN 12600
  • DIN 18008
  • CSN EN 1991-1-4

Bent glass railing requires precision and attention to detail. Therefore, it is important to select right bent glass supplier, which can produce the highest quality so that the glass was in adequate quality.

If you are interested in the details of this solution, contact us .

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