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Glass wall tiles Main Point Karlín

Walls of elevator shafts tiled by lacquered glass – an interesting solution, that from a simple entry into the elevator makes a design element. We use glasses from verified producers for wall tiling.

In the building Main Point Karlín we realized tiles of elevator shafts by glass Lacobel in various colors. Glass was glued to prepared concrete wall.

What is varnished glass?

Varnished glasses are provided on one side of a specially developed paint that provides an opaque (non-transparent) glass appearance.

  • Varnish is environmentally friendly.
  • Glass sticks to the wall using silicones, adhesives and both sides adhesive tapes.
  • The varnished surface is moisture resistant.
  • Varnished glass can be produced even in the safety and anti-bacterial variant.

The advantage of these interior varnished glass is the consistent appearance, since the paint layer is always on the side which is towards the wall. This protects against damage and maintains its longer life. Thanks to sophisticated technology regular coating of varnish and a good adhesion, glass achieve high visual quality.

Varnished glass is characterized by interesting design and easy maintenance.

Main Point Karlín – prezentation

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