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Glass Partitions

Glass partitions

  • A simple way division of space in the interior.
  • Variant with perimeter frame or frameless.
  • Sound and thermal insulating partitions.
  • Usage colored or printed glass.
  • The possibility of using special unilaterally opaque glasses.
  • Important is the design of a suitable anchorage and the dimensions of the glass.
  • Comprehensive solutions - design, supply and installation.
Smart partition

OGB Usage

Partitions are frequently used way of division of space.

Partitions in apartmats

Partitions in apartmatsSpace and material unassuming solution.

Partitions in offices

Partitions in officesSeparation area can be done in different ways, even in a mobile version.

Smart partitions

Smart partitionsUnconventional way - the use of smart glass.

OGB Glass transparent from one side only

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