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Glass Awnings

Awnings and roofs – horizontal overhead glazing

Proč zvolit markýzu

  • Nejčastěji slouží k zajištění komfortu užívání a atraktivity stavby
  • Lze použít čirá i barevná skla, skla s potiskem
  • Regulace tepelné a světelné bilance použitím protislunečních skel
  • Použití vyhřívaných skel (markýza bez sněhu)

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OGB Usage

The most common reason is the use of awnings to protect against harsh weather.

Entrances to buildings

Entrances to buildingsMaking place sheltered from rain and snow.

Roofing small buildings

Roofing small buildingsThe variable component of sheds, gazebos, parking for cars and so on.

Awning without supporting structure

We prove new and attractive solutions awnings without visible supporting structure.

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OGB Questions and Answers

Recommended minimum slope of glass awnings is 8 degrees. In this tendency it operates self-cleaning glass effect when rain or rinsing targeted stream of water washed away dirt.

You do not need! Glass awnings with glass beams are carefully designing a statically tested so that their structure and composition comply with all safety standards.

Glass has one unpleasant property. If you let it become dirty rainwater, which are minerals and chemicals, so you get old - blind (chemical corrosion). Therefore, it is important to properly clean the glass, then it will take as long as it survived at centuries-old palaces and castles.

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